LeVar Burton is best known as the former host of the children’s show “Reading Rainbow.” But he has a new lesson that he’s sharing with viewers: how not to get shot by the police.

During a segment from CNN’s new documentary “The N Word” on Monday, Burton explained that, as a black man in America, he’s often stopped by the police. And he’s developed a ritual to avoid being shot by officers. 

“This is a practice I engage in every time I am stopped by law enforcement,” Burton said. “And I’ve taught this to my son who is now 33 as part of my duty as a father to ensure that he knows the kind of world in which he’s growing up. I take my hat off, I take my sunglasses off, I put them on passenger’s side. I roll down my window, I take my hands, I stick them outside the window and on the door of the driver’s side because I want that officer to be as relaxed as he can be.”

(H/T The Raw Story)