This is a public service announcement, some of the most racist stories that are mostly based on stereotypes are available at your local grocery check stand.

In this edition of racist tabloid Wednesday Heidi Klum is divorcing Seal largely because she has had it with his “volcanic temper.” It’s unclear what the details are or if the reports of the divorce are even true but what’s clear is that everyone is painting Seal out to be a jealous, drug and sex addicted black man that can’t control his anger.


According to US Weekly Heidi Klum is in “private hell” because Seal has mood swings that stem from jealousy of her fame and fortune. And it doesn’t help that she’s an “upbeat, happy person,” while Seal has a troubled, sad background.


He’s a cheater too, according to inTouch.


And a bully, y’all!


Star is alleging there was actual fight between Klum and Seal.

But if Klum and Seal thought they had it bad, Angelina Jolie has the ultimate disaster combo, according to Star she’s “98 lbs, pregnant and headed for rehab!”


And then there’s the National Enquirer…they’re reporting Seal is sex crazed and drug addicted.

The Enquirer loves themselves some Oprah and Star Jones. (Sometimes Whitney Houston too.) This week they’re reporting Ms. Winfrey was saved by Hinduism.

No mention that Oprah’s bodyguards beat a few Indian photographers though …because that’s actually true.