Director Quentin Tarantino’s film “Django Unchained” won two awards at last night’s Golden Globes awards. Tarantino won a Golden Globe for “Best Screenplay for a Motion Picture” category and actor Christoph Waltz won for “Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture.” Less than a minute in to the director’s press conference backstage he had already dropped the N-word. Tarantino was answering a question about the use of the N-word in his film. “If someone is out there actually saying that when it comes to the word nigger that the fact that I was using it in the more that it was used back in the antebellum south, in Mississippi 1858, then feel free to make that case,” Tarantino told reporters backstage shortly after his win. “But no one is actually making that case, so in other words what they’re actually saying is I should soften it, they’re saying i should lie , that I should whitewash, they’re saying I should massage and I never do that when it comes to my characters.” “Django Unchained” is on pace to become Tarantino’s highest grossing movie ever. The film has made more than [$125 million since its release on December 25, 2012. ](