[Presente.org has launched an online petition](http://act.presente.org/sign/anaheimbrutality) urging California Attorney General Kamala Harris launch a full and comprehensive state investigation on the Anaheim Police Department. The petition comes just days after Anaheim police officers shot rubber bullets and unleashed a police dog on a group of [demonstrators protesting the department’s police brutality record. ](http://colorlines.com/archives/2012/07/anaheim_cops_pepper_spray_and_unleash_dogs_at_women_kids_and_babies_in_strollers_video.html) “The actions of the Anaheim police department, including shooting at and releasing rabid K9 dogs on a crowd that included women and children, are cowardly and disgusting,” Arturo Carmona, executive director of[ Presente.org](http://act.presente.org/) said in a statement. “Eight people have been shot in officer-involved shootings, many under questionable circumstances, while nothing has been done other than 2 officers going on paid leave. Community members demanding justice are being paid back with more injustice. In the face of this threat to the people of Anaheim, Attorney General Kamala Harris has the responsibility to protect them by fully investigating both the recent incidents and the past unresolved officer-involved shootings.” Presente.org started a petition demanding that Attorney General Harris launch a investigation into both the shootings and the Anaheim Police Department’s response to people demanding answers. [For more information on their campaign visit Presente.org.](http://act.presente.org/sign/anaheimbrutality)