popchipsguy.jpgRemember the fiasco earlier this year after PopChips ran commercials with Ashton Kutcher in brownface impersonating Indians? Well they’re back at it.

Three white Pop Chips promoters wearing sombreros and serapes handed out bags of Pop Chips in front of Bryant Park in New York City Thursday afternoon to promote the San Francisco based company’s new tortilla chips. The reps handed out chips as a mariachi played on also.

The two female Pop Chips promoters also wore exaggerated mustaches to go along with their sombreros and sarapes. It’s a page right out of the “what not to wear for Halloween” guides Colorlines.com has published for the past two years.  

Pop Chips apologized for the Ashton Kutcher stunt but it seems they didn’t really learn anything from that fiasco.

Lastly, because someone from PopChips will undoubtedly end up reading this, a bit of advice to them: If you’re going to continue doing this “guerilla marketing” bit perhaps you should consider hiring a cumbia band to sing “Escándalo es un escándalo” over and over because that’s what you’re starting with the fastest growing population in the country.