On Thursday evening about 20 Undocubus riders who traveled from Arizona to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte met at a local church to watch President Obama deliver his acceptance speech.

Colorlines.com’s Aura Bogado, who traveled on the Undocubus, was with the group and reports
there was a silence almost the entire time Obama delivered his speech.

Bogado sent the following pictures and note from Charlotte:

There was a long discussion afterwards, when people stood up and shared what they thought. Some were positive, noting that Obama said, “you have to do the work,” and “you have to earn it.” Gerardo Torres (who was arrested and released this week) interpreted that to mean that his community has to continue to fight against local police enforcing federal immigration law.

Torres and many others in the room are returning to Arizona in the next few days, and almost all the riders mentioned the latest SB1070 ruling (I noted that none of them called it “show me your papers,” they all referred to it as racial profiling”). Even those who were very critical of the speech said that the next fight is in Arizona, around SB1070.

Miguel Guerra was arrested in an action against Arpaio and SB1070 in July, was handed over to ICE, and then released while he fights his case to stay in the US. He, his wife, and their oldest daughter are undocumented, and his two younger children are US citizens born in Arizona. After he was released, he boarded the bus bound to Charlotte. After the speech, he said he was disappointed he couldn’t hand Obama a letter that his oldest daughter had written to the president. In it, the15-year-old writes that her “dad is trying to stop all the racism here in Arizona and other states.” Because the First Lady mentioned that Obama reads letters that people write to him for guidance, Torres hopes that Obama reads the letter if it is sent to the White House.

All pictures below taken by Aura Bogado in Charlotte.