A Tumblr launched Friday is collecting stories from men of color who have been victims of racial profiling. IcouldBeTrayvon.com asks visitors to share stories and pictures about being racially profiled and how that incident made them feel.

“As boys and men of color, we are providing a platform to share with each other, and with the world, our ‘Trayvon Stories’ – the times we were similarly racially profiled by police or vigilantes, and could have ended up dead after doing nothing more than the everyday activity typical of human beings living in a supposedly free society,” said Dom Apollon, who founded the Tumblr. Apollon is Research Director at the Applied Research Center, Colorlines.com’s publisher.

Apollon says he was inspired to create the Tumblr after he saw the “Planned Parenthood Saved Me” Tumblr that collects stories from women who say Planned Parenthood saved their lives.

For more information on how you can submit your “I could be Trayvon” story visit IcouldBeTrayvon.com/submit