The New York Times, a frequent target of President Trump’s anti-media vitriol, is continuing to track each and every insult the former reality TV star lobs on Twitter. From the Times (without links):

Since declaring his candidacy for president in June 2015, Donald Trump has used Twitter to lob insults at presidential candidates, journalists, news organizations, nations, a Neil Young song and even a lectern in the Oval Office. We know this because we’ve read, tagged and quoted them all. 

The media giant’s “directory of sorts” organizes tweets in categories such as “Media Organizations,” “Places” and “Celebrities.” Each entry consists of a summary of the tweet and a link to the original missive. For quick reference, the Times highlights Twitter attacks Trump has made within the last 60 days. Visit the Trump insult-tweet tracker produced by reporters Jasmine C. Lee and Kevin Quealy here. It certainly beats reading about 567.8 million articles about the president’s Twitter negativity.