Thursday Brazilian model Lea T sat down with Oprah to discuss the

complexities that many people transitioning and going through gender

reassignment go through daily.



28-year-old model, who Oprah says is the world’s first transgendered

supermodel, was first discovered last year by Givenchy’s lead designer

and became the face of their most popular ad campaign ever. Since then

she’s posed nude in French Vogue and kissed Kate Moss on the cover of

Love magazine. She’s quickly becoming one of the most sought-after

models in the industry. 


she’s also one of the most talked about models because she was born

male. Lea T was born Leandro Cerezo and grew up in Italy. She spoke to

Oprah about growing up the son of international soccer star Toninho

Cerezo and a religious Catholic mother.


wish I could accept my body like men. It would be much easier for me if

I could be a straight guy and have a girlfriend, family and daughters,

married, all this normal life. But it’s something in your brain,” Lea T told Oprah. “Born in the wrong body.”


really difficult because you fight with all the world. You fight with

your family. You fight with yourself too,” Lea T says. “You have to

change everything in yourself.”


told Oprah that while her family is supportive, it hasn’t been easy.

While Lea’s father has been more supportive, her mother hasn’t been

quite as accepting because of an internal “fight with her religion,” she



11 and a half minute segment was mostly filled with respectful and

sensitive questions that enlighten Oprah’s audience. This is pretty

meaningful when you consider Oprah has the highest ratings among older

Americans. Nationally, 7.4 million people watch her show daily according

to the Nielsen Research Group. The audience is predominantly female, white, and over the age of 55.

But it’s Oprah. At one point she got folksy and asked one of her ridiculous questions. And demanded an answer. 


of your pictures are very revealing. How do you, if I may ask, how do

you hide your penis? You must have to strap that thing down in there?

Really… whaaa’ what where is it? Really, how do you hide it?”