‘Tis the season for more family, friends and loved ones–and less work. And this week we’ll be slowing things down on Colorlines.com, so our small, hard-working staff can get refreshed for what will surely be an intense year of news in 2012. Next year, we’ll all engage a no-doubt difficult political conversation. Presidential elections are about choosing our head of state, yes, but they’re also about debating and setting our priorities as a nation. Colorlines.com will be there for that debate, offering you the latest news and smartest analysis on how racial justice every day. We’ll be launching some new features to help with that, and in particular we’ll be putting more emphasis on innovative solutions to the problems our reporters cover. But more on that in the new year. This week, we’ll be publishing a series of year-end essays that don’t just look back at 2011, but also look forward to 2012. What can we expect of this coming national dialogue on priorities and leadership? How will it interesect with–and be driven by–cultural trends outside of politics? And how can we all keep our bearing as it thrashes along? Today, [Colorlines.com publisher Rinku Sen kicks things off by answering that last question](http://colorlines.com/archives/2011/12/we_must_learn_to_win_in_2012_because_the_arc_is_bending_toward_justice.html). Sen’s advice? Learn how to win, because as quiet as it’s kept, the arc of the moral universe is in fact bending toward justice.