It’s 44°F and raining in New York City this morning but community members are escorting workers who walked out on their fast food restaurant jobs yesterday back to work. Community members say they’re there for support and hopes that workers don’t face retaliation when striking workers go back on the job.

The petition calling on fast food companies to pay their workers a living wage came close to getting 16,000 signatures on Thursday. Much of the attention to the petition came by way of dozens of workers who went on strike for a day to call attention to the low wages and working conditions at fast food restaurants throughout New York.

Most workers are making just $7.25 an hour and their average yearly salary is $11,000–that’s only 25% of the money the need to survive in NYC, according to the campaign.

The workers coming together to strike is a major act of courage because of likely retaliation from their employers. Among them are some who have already lost their jobs for organizing Thursday’s strike.

Community members are thanking workers who walked off their jobs yesterday by accompanying them back to work. Check out some of the updates below.

You can support the workers by signing the campaign’s petition at