Jim DeRogatis, the former Chicago Sun-Times reporter who tracked R. Kelly’s alleged serial sexual abuse of Black girls and women for nearly two decades, wrote for The New Yorker yesterday (February 14) that a newly revealed video may lead to additional charges against the singer. An anonymous law enforcement official told DeRogatis that the tape shows the singer sexually assaulting an underage girl and has prompted a pending indictment. Statements by Michael Avenatti, a high-profile attorney who told CNN that he represents a whistleblower that identified Kelly and the survivor, and CNN’s own review of the video describe the various abuses in the video. 

Avenatti says that he turned the tape over to the Cook County State’s Attorney Kimberly Foxx’s office. Foxx, who encouraged more survivors to come forward after “Surviving R. Kelly” aired in January, has not confirmed any reported indictment or arrest plans as of press time. 

DeRogatis, CNN and Avenatti’s disclosures compelled many activists and allies to reiterate their calls for legal and social accountability on social media: