In a new Spanish-language TV ad called “Country of Immigrants” (or, “País de Inmigrantes”) Mitt Romney’s son Craig says his father values “that we are a nation of immigrants” and says: “My grandfather George was born in Mexico.” It gets even better. As Craig says “my grandfather George was born in Mexico,” images of him wearing a cowboy hat on horseback appear on screen. As if Latino voters will connect more now that they think the Romneys are [*racheros*]( Craig Romney, 31, spent two years as a Mormon missionary in Chile and speaks Spanish fluently. He delivered the message flawlessly. That is of course, if you don’t consider Mitt Romney has said before that calling himself a Mexican would be disingenuous. “My dad was born in Mexico, and I am proud of my heritage. But he was born of U.S. citizens who were living in Mexico at the time, and was not Hispanic,”[ Romney told Univision’s Jorge Ramos.]( “He never spoke Spanish, nor did his parents. So I can’t claim that honor.” This isn’t the first time Romney uses [the power of imagery to connect to the interests of Latinos in his ads that he may not necessarily support. ]( Romney doesn’t support the DREAM Act but that didn’t stop his campaign from flashing images of young Latina graduate wearing a cap and gown while Craig delivered a line about how the U.S. is the land opportunity where everything is possible. Craig Romney is currently an advertising music producer at the advertising and design agency [mcgarrybowen](