Not content to let the fight against the SB 1070 be handled by the federal government alone, immigrant rights activists turned out across the country yesterday on the day the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case to demand an end to Arizona’s SB 1070.

Outside the Supreme Court yesterday, hundreds gathered to protest Arizona’s law. A few hours later, hundreds more community members gathered in Phoenix with the same message. Immigrant families and activists, carrying a banner that read: “ICE, Stop Deporting Arpaio’s Victims. Not One More. No SB 1070. No S-Comm. No Arpaio” stood boldly in front of immigration offices to protest the law. In Arizona, protests ended with nine arrests, reported.

SB 1070 requires law enforcement officers to question anyone they suspect may be undocumented, and allows police officers to detain someone while they’re determining their legal status. Immigrant and civil rights advocates have argued that the law all but compels law enforcement officers to racially profile people, and amounts to a bald attack on immigrant communities. 

And yesterday, people gathered to fight back. Below are some photos from the protests.

“We call on the federal government to stop collaborating with the Sheriff,” the nine arrested protestors said in a statement. “Arpaio needs to be brought to justice, but ICE has been his partner in crime. We’re willing to go to jail so not one more day goes by under the terror created by their collaboration, so that not one more family is torn apart.”

After the jump, more photos from Thursday’s protests.