San Diego millionaire Marc Paskin, 62, purchased a billboard on the I-5 and 28th Street in Barrio Logan that states, “All I Want for Christmas is a Latina Girlfriend.” But just a day after the billboard was posted half of it disappeared. And it may not be vandalism. [Take a look at San Diego’s report: ]( > The lower portion of the billboard has ripped off, which seems strange since it was put up the day before. > > 10News contacted Paskin, who declined to comment but said he will gladly talk to 10News when he returns from a business trip next week. > > At this point, it’s unclear if the sign could be part of another TV show. > So maybe it was all part of a stunt? [Public records show ]( Barrio Logan neighborhood has a population of about 47,000–about 35,000 residents are Latino.