Longtime journalist and hip-hop historian Davey D has a great series going in which he highlights 500 female emcees, and he recently featured the British-born Palestinian emcee Shadia Mansour.

Since launching a rap career around 2003, Mansour has gained fans in the Middle East, Europe and the United States with politically charged songs that take aim at the occupation of Palestine. She often performs in a traditional Palestinian thawb and, according to Hip-Hop and Politics, considers herself to be part of a “musical intifada.”

Mansour has collaborated with other well-known Palestinian hip-hop groups including DAM and has also worked with rapper M-1 of dead prez, who’s featured on her track Al Kufiya Arabiya” (The Kufiya is Arab). From Hip-Hop and Politics: 

The song was written when Mansour discovered an American made blue-and-white colored Arab scarf with Stars of David on it. Mansour introduced her song on stage in New York: “You can take my falafel and hummus, but don’t fucking touch my keffiyeh”.