Here’s another reminder not to sleep on the power of social media, and of course, Wakanda, forever: Following a backlash from fans, Marvel Studios corrected and re-released the official poster for “Avengers: Endgame,” which initially left off a credit for Danai Gurira when it was posted on Thursday (March 14), CNN reports.

Of all the characters pictured on the poster, Gurira—who is reprising her “Black Panther” and “Infinity War” role of Okoye, was the only castmember on the poster left off the names at the top (called the top billing). Even Bradley Cooper and Josh Brolin, who aren’t pictured, were included. Twitter blew up, with fans demanding they add Gurira—the only Black woman of the bunch.


Marvel promptly complied. The studio tweeted the revised poster on later that day, adding:  “She should have been up there all this time.”


Along with the new poster, Marvel released a trailer for the film, which opens in theaters nationwide on April 26.