Those are the words Estria Miyashiro’s youth mural group wrote as they repainted a faded old mural of Martin Luther King, Jr., in a school yard of San Francisco’s Mission District. They had to give King new, open eyes, as his had faded closed. Miyashiro describes the mural and the project in a TEDx, which you should watch in the video above. Miyashiro is a Hawaiian-born street art pioneer who’s spent the better part of two decades creating positive artistic spaces for young folks. He opens his TEDx talk by explaining that writers–he rejects the term graffiti–are not vandals, but rather speakers and beautifiers. “When we paint public spaces we reinvent them. And when we reinvent public spaces, we reinvent people,” he says.

True indeed. So today’s love is reinvention through magic, art and love, courtesy of Miyashiro.

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