Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, a day that marks celebration of Latino culture and heritage throughout Mexico and the United States. For many, it’s a day of fun. But as Roebrto Lovato pointed out last year at Colorlines, it’s also a reminder of the commodification of culture at the expense of communities of color. We rounded up some photos that show the spirit of the celebration.

cinco_de_mayo1.jpgPhoto: Creative Commons/davidyuweb

cinco_de_mayo3.jpgPhoto: Creative Commons/iaohj

cinco_de_mayo4.jpgPhoto: Creative Commons/vpickering

cinco_de_mayo5.jpgPhoto: Creative Commons/Reno Tahoe

cinco_de_may65.jpgPhoto: Creative Commons/Sean Gillespie

cinco_de_may7.jpgPhoto: Creative Commons/Obie Fernandez