On Thursday, Univision’s Jorge Ramos took to the air to denounce the use of his image in an Obama re-election campaign ad. The host of the only political analysis program on the network with the largest audience of Spanish-language viewers in the country said he “rejected” the use of his image.

“I want to be clear that I reject the use of my image and that of Univision in any electoral campaign. We want to make a public statement about our disagreement [with the use of the images].”

Ramos’ comments come right as the Obama re-election Campaign enlists latino celebrities and well-known influencers to reach out to their community in the hopes of winning the Latino vote. Marc Anthony is the latest celebrity to endorse Obama.

“It seems that Ramos didn’t want his image and that of Univision to be confused for an endorsement,” said Mónica Novoa, Drop the I-Word Campaign Coordinator.

“He is arguably the most high-profile Spanish media journalist in the country, and wants to maintain a distance from any endorsement at this point,” Novoa said.

Ramos has been critical of many of the President’s policies, including his use of the term “illegal” and promises to deliver immigration reform.