Keynote Speaker Rev. Dr. William Barber II face emanates neon purple rays against a background of dark blue with dark teal concentric pentagonal shapes that subtly meet one another to create a cohesive pattern as they radiate out in to space. Race Forward Presents Facing Race: A National Conference.

While White supremacists walking the streets with torches have provided a camera-ready, outrage inducing, human manifestation of racism of late, the people who live with the impact of racism know that it has many faces.

A new infographic from advocacy nonprofit Living Cities breaks down “A Day in the Life” of the Reddings, a fictional Black family that faces the very real detritus of racism at every turn.

The Family

“The events of the past couple of months have put the focus on individual racism, but when you put the Tiki torches away, we’re still left with longstanding structural and institutional racism that affect families of color every day,” Ben Hecht, president and CEO of Living Cities told Colorlines.

The Factors

You can see how Darnell, Patricia, Tyrell, Faith and Grandpop Will fare here, but start with these three key scenes from their lives that illustrate how structural and institutional racism collude with individual and implicit bias to shape the lives of Black people living in America each and every day.

The Impact