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Organized by the non-profit Border Angels in a belated celebration of Mexico’s Children’s Day (April 30), five families separated by immigration policy and the U.S.-Mexico border were able to reunite briefly on Sunday (May 1) via an opening of the fence between San Diego and Tijuana.

Photo: Border Angels FacebookA woman holds her infant close at the border wall in San Diego/Tijuana on May 1, 2016, as the press watches.

According to Fusion, this is the third time in four years that the border has been opened in this manner.

Photo: Border Angels FacebookTwo women embrace during the brief opening of the border wall between Tijuana and San Diego on May 1, 2016.

Border Angels advocates for human rights and immigration reform. The group, which also supports migrants by dropping water in the desert areas often used for passage into the U.S., organized the event in coordination with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The five families selected went through intensive screening in advance of the three-minute reunion.

Photo: Border Angels FacebookA family hugs during an event at the border fence on May 1, 2016.