As you’ve surely heard, President Donald Trump’s national security advisor, Michael Flynn, resigned under pressure late last night (February 13). In his exit letter, the former general admitted that he had ”inadvertently briefed the vice president-elect and others with incomplete information” about phone conversations he had with the Russian ambassador to the United States. Flynn and the diplomat, Sergey Kislyak, reportedly discussed sanctions that outgoing president Barack Obama had leveled against Russia for election-tampering then lied about it. Compounding the scandal are reports that Sally Yates, the acting attorney general whom Trump fired for not enforcing his Muslim ban, and two other Obama officials warned Trump’s camp last month that Flynn’s potentially illegal actions made him vulnerable to blackmail.

Flynn, a former Democrat and three-star general who worked for the Obama administration until he was fired for insubordination, infamously led anti-Clinton “lock her up” chants at Trump rallies. But the race story here is a remarkable (since deleted) tweet that the Flynn wrote in February 2016:

The wording of Flynn’s tweet comes directly from the title of a conservative propaganda video called ”Fear of Muslims is Rational.” The dramatic clip purports to lay out the “Basics of Islam.” Then, with the rhythm and repetition of an incantation, a narrator lists dozens of Islamist attacks throughout history while graphic photos of carnage flash across the screen. The nearly six-minute video goes on to wholly malign a faith that an estimated 1.6 billion people worldwide practice:  

Think of it:Hindus living with Jews = No ProblemBaha’is living with Jews = No ProblemJews living with Atheists = No ProblemSikhs living with Hindus = No ProblemHindus living with Baha’is = No ProblemChristians living with Jews = No ProblemJews living with Buddhists = No ProblemShintos living with Atheists = No ProblemBuddhists living with Sikhs = No ProblemBaha’is living with Christians = No ProblemBuddhists living with Shintos = No Problem Buddhists living with Hindus = No ProblemHindus living with Christians = Only a rare problem.Atheists living with Buddhists = No Problem– living with Hindus = No ProblemAtheists living with Confucians = No ProblemMuslims living with Jews = ProblemMuslims living with Sikhs = ProblemMuslims living with Hindus = ProblemMuslims living with Baha’is = ProblemMuslims living with Shintos = ProblemMuslims living with Atheists = ProblemMuslims living with Buddhists = ProblemMuslims living with Christians = ProblemMUSLIMS LIVING WITH MUSLIMS = VERY BIG PROBLEM

This video might be laughable if a powerful Trump operative hadn’t encouraged the American public to forward it the way your grandmom does discount codes and ”Pay it Forward!” e-cards. 

But the influence of Flynn—who wrote a bestselling book about Islam’s supposed “world war” against freedom—is no laughing matter. The former national security adviser is like a cartoon villain, but one who had very real power to wreak havoc on billions of people of all faiths. all based his myopic view of the second biggest religion in the world.