The consequences that some White people experience when they call 911 on Black people barbecuing, sleeping, sitting in a coffeeshop and otherwise benignly existing never outweigh the often deadly violence that police inflict on African Americans daily. Recognizing this, Niecy Nash (“Claws”) offers White racists another number to call: 1-844-WYT-FEAR.

The “actress, inventor and advocate for not calling 911 on Black people for no goddamn reason” extols the virtues of the hotline in a video for The New York Times yesterday (October 22). Those who call the number are treated to smooth jazz-scored assurances that Black people risk far more when interacting with law enforcement than the caller does by being near a Black person.

Watch the video, which also features Darren Martin, a former aide to President Barack Obama who recently survived his own brush with White fear, as a hotline worker.