Presidential candidate Herman Cain continues to scapegoat Muslims in his bid to become the nation’s second black president. The Tea Party-backed conservative appeared on Fox News Sunday and said that Americans should be able to ban mosques from popping up in their communities.

“Our Constitution guarantees the separation of church and state,” Cain told host Chris Wallace. “Islam combines church and state. They’re using the church part of our First Amendment to infuse their morals in that community, and the people of that community do not like it. They disagree with it.”

Politico points out that even though Cain grew up in the South during the Civil Rights era, he steadfastly denies that he’s discriminating against Muslims. “I’m willing to take a harder look at people that might be terrorists,” Cain said Sunday. “If you look at my career, I have never discriminated against anybody. … I’m going to err on the side of caution.”

This is just the latest of Cain’s Islamophobic comments to make news. The presidential hopeful made headlines last March after he insisted that many Muslims “are not totally dedicated to this country” and are “trying to force Sharia law on this country.”