Jeanne Deroo, beauty editor of French Elle, had the dumb idea to go to a recent holiday party dressed in blackface as Solange Knowles and put up evidence on Instagram.

Of course, after a public backlash, Deroo feels really bad about the whole thing and said as much on Twitter:

I realise how much the fact of painting oneself brown is an offensive act. I didn’t realize the seriousness of my action when I went to a private party last Saturday evening, which [sic] the theme was “Icons” and I chose to embody Solange Knowles, of whom I am a fan. During this private party, I posted a picture of myself on my Instagram without intention of hurting anyone. I deeply regret and would like to present all my apologies. I would also like to indicate that this picture published in a private context does not involve in any way the French ELLE magazine.”

But, come on, as the beauty editor at an internationally recognized fashion magazine, shouldn’t she know better?

(h/t Rolling Out)