Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence has announced she will end the fast she began on December 11th 2012 in protest of Canada’s omnibus Bill C-45 that rescinds environmental protections across Canada, including the land base of First Nations. [Aura Bogado update on the has more details:]( > Spence, who has lost some thirty pounds since making the decision to survive on water, therapeutic tea and fish broth, has been hospitalized. She has been placed on an intravenous drip in preparation to consume solid food for the first time in well over a month. Although Spence was admitted as a precautionary measure, it’s unlikely she will be able to attend today’s news conference, which marks the end of her principled action and the announcement of the declaration of commitment. Spence’s spokesperson, Danny Metatawabin, has made clear that the end of the hunger strike doesn’t mark the end of her fight. > “Chief Theresa Spence and Elder Raymond Robinson have agreed to end their hunger strikes based on the commitments outlined and endorsed in a Declaration of Commitment supported by the Assembly of First Nations National Executive Committee, Native Women’s Association of Canada, NDP National Caucus and Liberal Party of Canada Parliamentary Caucus,” said the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) in a statement on Thursday. Chief Spence is expected to remain hospitalized until later today or Friday, Bogado reported at The Nation.