Actor and rapper Ice Cube came under fire from fans after confirming on Twitter yesterday (Oct 14) that the Republican and Democratic parties both reached out to him to discuss his “Contract With Black America” plan, outlets such as the Washington Post and Complex reported. 

In a video post on October 11, where Cube tweeted “Don’t kill the messenger,” the former NWA member said “the system” is rigged against Black people and that the community needed to think differently about politics.

“The system is fucked up; it’s just designed, totally,” Cube said. “Not only designed, but there’s a dedication to keeping us at the bottom of this country. I don’t know if we can count on any parties to get us up out this shit to be honest, so we are going to have to do a lot of things different as a Black community.” 

What some fans heard, however, was that the man behind the 2018 song “Arrest the President” is working with President Donald Trump. They said as much on social media.

While some say it’s time to cancel Ice Cube, the rapper tweeted today that CNN had already done so.