A young Latina who identified herself in a video as an undocumented immigrant approached presidential hopeful Mitt Romney at fundraiser in New York yesterday to ask him why he isn’t supporting her DREAM. The woman began by asking Romney is he would support the DREAM Act as president and he replied by saying he had already [said publicly that he would veto it.](http://colorlines.com/archives/2012/01/mitt_romney_promises_to_veto_dream_act_if_elected_president.html) The woman interjected and asked him, “why aren’t you supporting my dream?” “Because if someone comes here illegally,” he started to say, before the the young woman cut him off again to explain she has a 4.0 grade point average. “That’s wonderful,” Romney said before his team ushered him away. The video was uploaded to YouTube by DRM Capitol Group, a Washington political consulting firm that identifies as the “lobbying arm of the Dream Act movement.” The young DREAMer says Romney was extending his arm to shake her hand but pulled away when she said she was undocumented. “He pulled his arm away from me like I were to be a criminal,” she says in the video. The woman in the video also goes on to say that Romney supporters told her to go back to Mexico as she was leaving. “I was actually born in Peru,” she replied to Romney supporters.