Last week the creator of HBO’s “Girls” Lena Dunham tweeted a picture of Donald Glover on the set of the show that just started filming it’s second season, then the New York post published a photo of both stars sitting on a stoop together with flirtatious body language, now Dunham is staying tightlipped about the whole thing.

“Even though the show [from week to week] is just a slight shift in people’s emotional landscapes, I like to act like we’re protecting state secrets,” Dunham told

Dunham’s “Girls” has received criticism for the lack of diversity on the series but she recently told NPR’s “Fresh Air” the show’s second season would be more diverse.

“Now we have the opportunity to do a second season and, believe me, that will be remedied,” Dunham said. “I’m really excited to introduce new characters into the world of the show. Some of them are great actors of color.”

Now everyone is dying to know if Glover is a new love interest on the show. What say you?