If you’re an observant Sikh or Muslim who wears a headcovering, Boomers! amusement parks don’t want you on their Go-Karts. That’s the complaint from the Council on American Islamic Relations-California (CAIR-California) and United Sikhs, who held press conferences today to announce the filing of joint complaints against the amusement park chain. 

The public accommodation complaints are being filed with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, and allege that Boomers! amusement parks effectively bar Muslim and Sikh parkgoers from certain rides by throwing up safety concerns about riders’ religious headcoverings without providing accommodation for those riders. The amusement park is in essence cutting thousands of local residents off from portions of the park, “solely based on their faith,” the two organizations said in a joint statement today.

“It troubles us that every other amusement park is able to make sufficient accommodations to permit women wearing hijabs to ride some of the fastest roller coasters in the world, but that Boomers! has unequivocally denied them access to the Go-Kart rides,” CAIR-Northern California Civil Rights Coordinator Brice Hamack said in a statement. What’s more, United Sikhs staff attorney Manmeet Singh said in the statement, “Boomers! has failed to provide any clear or sensible reasoning for denying individuals with religious headwear requirements access to Go-Karts.”

According to its website, the Boomers!-owned Palace Entertainment runs over a dozen Boomers! parks around the country. The majority are based in California.