It’s March 14, which means it’s [Pi Day!]( (For our readers whose nerdiness manifests in non-math arenas: [pi, or ?, is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter.]( This works out to be approximately 3.14, but not exactly; the true value has been being calculated for literally thousands of years, and has raised all sorts of questions about what a weird universe we live in. But for our purposes, 3.14 = March 14.) Since we’re talking about math today, let’s talk about a less inspiring numerical constant: the number of people of color and women in STEM fields. In 1999, black women made up [less than one quarter of one percent]( of mathematicians; in 2009, only [two percent]( of math and statistics doctorate degrees were issued to black women. The numbers aren’t much better for anyone who isn’t a white man, and in some cases [are getting worse.]( And yes, the ‘overachieving Asian’ archetype is [more complex than it looks.](