A new CDC study found binge drinking is reported by one in eight U.S. adult women and one in five high school girls.

“Binge drinking increases the chances of breast cancer, heart disease, sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancy, and many other health problems,” the CDC said in its report, released in early January. “Women who binge drink do so frequently–about three times a month–and have about six drinks per binge.”

White and Latina women, and those with incomes over $75,000, are more likely to become binge drinkers, according to the study.

Black women and girls were least likely to binge drink, with only 10 percent reporting that they drink excessively.

Women who did not graduate from high school had the lowest prevalence of binge drinking (8.5%), but those who binge drank had the highest frequency (4.2 episodes) and intensity (6.2 drinks) relative to women with higher educational levels.

CDC infographic: