As many in the progressive community get ready for this weekend’s “One Nation” rally in Washington, DC, they’re also withstanding a predictable onslaught of criticism from the Right. And of course, Glenn Beck is leading the way.

This week the talk show host dedicated an entire segment to the “spin-off” rallies happening as a “socialist communist plot” to take over the country – none of which, he says, can measure up to his massive gathering over a month ago.

In his show’s segment (watch the video above), Beck listed some of One Nation’s more than 400 sponsors, a list he said resembled “a list of FBI’s most wanted.” Included on Beck’s list were Planned Parenthood, who Beck called racist, and Campus Camp Wellstone, who he referred to as a child labor camp.

Glynnis MacNicol of the Mediaite describes the Beck’s commie-fear-inducing episode:

> Beck explained (with the help of about a gazillion magnets) that, while he is a supporter of free speech, everyone else throwing a rally this month is a secret socialist communist. I mean jeez. Calm down dude. Watching this segment felt a little bit like accidentally stepping in on Beck secretly performing J. Edgar Hoover, The Paranoid Years.


Campus Progress wasn’t safe from Beck’s ranting either. Despite bringing together a nearly unprecedented number of LGBT and civil rights groups, they also ended up on Beck’s infamous chalkboard.

Calling his 20 minute rant a “Joe McCarthy fever dream of a segment” Campus Progress retaliated with this quip: >

> Glenn, I’ll make you a deal: you send us our magnet, and we’ll send you a Campus Progress t-shirt…actually, we’ll send two: one for you, and one for your delusions of grandeur.