The Asian population grew faster than any other race group in the United States between 2000 and 2010, according to new Census data released last week. This was observed for the population who reported Asian alone (increased 43 percent), as well as for the population who reported Asian alone or in combination with another race (increased 46 percent).

The top five states that experienced the fastest growth were Nevada with 116 percent, Arizona with 95 percent, North Carolina with 85 percent, North Dakota with 85 percent, and Georgia with 83 percent.

“The Asian American community is very, very heterogeneous,” said Census Bureau Director Robert Groves at a presentation last week. “Thinking of this as one group–you do at your own peril. Because you end up making mistakes of judgment and I think these data show that very, very, clearly. And, the more we tell that message of heterogeneity the better off we are and the better off the country will be,”