Between the low score, poor ratings and lackluster halftime showSuper Bowl LIII was just plain bad. Unless you’re a New England Patriots fan, which, if so: Ew.

The real excitement around last night’s (February 3) game instead took place off the field, where boycotts fueled the ongoing conversation around Colin Kaepernick and the NFL’s relationship with racial justice and Black communities. New Orleans artist Brandan “Bmike” Odums, much of whose hometown avoided the game, brought that excitement into his studio and developed a mural that depicts Kaepernick and Eric Reid in protest. 

“I wanted to get off the sidelines and use my art to actively stand with Kap and Eric at a time when everyone was focused on football,” Bmike tells Colorlines. “Art has power to erase the lines we draw in the sand, and hopefully this moment was an opportunity to show how we stand for those who stand for us.”

See the painting sessions in full: 

Bmike’s mural isn’t the only one featuring Kaepernick to earn attention during Super Bowl LIII. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that local artist Fabian Williams raised thousands of dollars in one day via GoFundMe to replace a mural of Kaepernick and Muhammad Ali, which was torn down before the city hosted the game, with eight more around the city. Williams’ GoFundMe surpassed its goal of $10,000 as of press time today (February 4). 


…Heroes really out here not wearing capes! I just wanted to say thank you to all the artists, volunteers, contributors, and donations big and small that came in to support #Kaeperbowl. A more robust thank you is coming as me qnd team process the outpouring of love that we received from our city and honestly the world. What a humbling experience. We still have murals that are in process and hobestly we have more walls. In danger of leaving out anyone, if you could give us a little time to gather our thoughts and our bodies as this day was both energizing, exhausting and beautiful. #Atlanta really stepped up. I’m proud of my city. Reposted from @goldigold45 — ….meanwhile. Since I put the wrong hashtag in my instastory. Smh, but it seems like #kaeperbowl which started last night with the originator @occasionalsuperstar was more exciting then the actual Super Bowl! Hahaha. So You got a group of dope artists in eight different locations through the city of Atlanta creating images of @kaepernick7 within a day call with addition of the community providing every services possible for the cause! Yup! Sound better then the super bowl to me #occasionalsuperstar #kaepernick #murals #success hi! @queensempire - #regrann

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