People around the world today are celebrating and demanding worker’s rights. As Rinku Sen and Yvonne Yen Liu wrote earlier on, it’s a struggle that’s imperfect and ongoing. Nonetheless, today is an occasion to admire the sacrifices of hardworking, everyday people whose lives are often relegated to the margins. And an important part of that process is the visual representation of those struggles. We’ve collected just a few of the posters that will be dotting today’s general strikes and marches to show the centrality of art in the movement for worker’s rights.

shutitdown2.jpgRich Black


unplug_may_day_green.jpgJohn Emerson 


may_day_2_melanie.jpgMelanie Cervantes

may_day_poster3.jpgJesus Barraza

GeneralStrikeMatch_2.jpgMolly Crabapple