Geraldo Pineda was waiting for friends back in February when plain clothes Anaheim police officers approached, ready to make arrests. Pineda, 19, told his story to [Fox News]( >Then, a group of plain-clothes officers from the Anaheim Police Department’s anti-gang unit emerged from an unmarked van behind him, ready to arrest him, he says. > >Pineda, 19, the only police shooting victim of Anaheim, Calif., who survived this year, then took off running. He ran almost a mile until he turned a corner, then police began shooting, firing at least three rounds, Pineda says. >”I’m running over a fence and they shot again and again…and it hit me in the stomach,” says Pineda, who is currently out on bail. “I told them, ‘Hey, I got shot. You hit me. I’m dying.’” > Pineda is the only person to survive an Anaheim police officer-involved shooting this year. Five people have been killed by Anaheim police. The two latest incidents, which left Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo dead, happened just a day apart from each other. Police shot and killed Acevedo a day after protesters took to the streets demanding answers for Diaz’s killing.