A fourth day of protests since Anaheim Police officers shot two Latino men to death over the weekend resulted in 20 arrests on Tuesday. Cops once again shot rubber bullets at the crowd of demonstrators who are protesting police conduct in Anaheim’s heavily Latino core.

The clash between Anaheim residents and police escalated as demonstrators gathered in front of City Hall as officials voted to ask federal authorities to investigate the officer involved shooting death of Manuel Angel Diaz.

“They’ve seen everything on TV– the dogs, the shootings and just a history of brutality,” Seferino Garcia, executive director of community group Solevar, told the LA Times. “Right now, the community is not going to stand idle. We have a job to do.”

Anaheim resident Oscar Velazquez, 25, also told the Times that Latinos are harassed by police and recounted recently being patted down while walking to his home, a few blocks from Disneyland.

“I’ve been stopped for no reason,” he said. “You don’t want your neighbors to see you out there like that.”