Arizona’s immigration law, known as Senate Bill 1070, passed in 2010. Since then, five other states, including Alabama, have passed similar legislation.

Below is a statement released by Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange after Monday’s SB 1070 Supreme Court decision:

“Today the Supreme Court acknowledged that state law enforcement can play an important role in assisting the federal government in fulfilling its responsibility to enforce the immigration laws of this country.

The Court, in this landmark decision, provides guidance on the validity of Arizona’s immigration law which will impact Alabama’s immigration law along with those of several other states.

“Illegal immigration is a serious issue facing states across our nation, and it has been addressed by state legislatures in various ways.

Hopefully today’s decision will spur the federal government to enforce the rule of law in the immigration arena.”

“My office will be reviewing today’s decision to determine the full extent of its impact on Alabama’s law and the pending litigation.”