The New York Women’s Equality Act didn’t pass in the last legislative session largely because Senate Republicans opposed language that would strengthen abortion rights in the state. But in addition to abortion rights, the act is meant to ensure equal pay provisions, standards around sexual harassment, and protections for survivors of domestic violence. According to the National Partnership for Women and Families, black women in N.Y. earn 79 cents and Latina women in N.Y. earn 64 cents to every dollar earned by white men.

The New York Women’s Equality Coalition, an advocacy group focused on changing public policy related to women’s issues, recently launched a new campaign to start ramping up efforts, including a video depicting a mock game show to decide whether employers’ discriminatory acts are actually illegal or–as they put it–sleazy. Tracey Brooks, a coalition representative, recently spoke with WNYC about their new efforts. Listen to the interview, and watch their humorous, albeit frustrating, video.