Now that we have anti-immigrant laws, like Arizona’s SB1070 in dozens of states, conservative groups have a new target they want to keep out: legal immigrants.

The conservative group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has launched a campaign called “a FAIR change at jobs” to get the Federal government to limit the number of foreign workers that are allowed to enter the country on work visas.

“The “LEGAL” immigrants our government admitted over the last two years landed hundreds of thousands of jobs, while Americans lost millions of jobs,” FAIR touts in one of their ads.

The new ads are airing on Fox News, “a channel founded by legal immigrant Rupert Murdoch,” HuffPost points out.

Countless studies have found states find immigrants contribute more to state and local coffers than they take out. A number of  other studies have also found immigration has no “significant” effect on the number of jobs available to U.S.-born workers and helps boost incomes and productivity over time.

“These ad takes the current anti-immigrant sentiment and brings it to its full conclusion,” says Mónica L. Novoa, Drop the I-Word Campaign Coordinator.

“The message not only plays on the hatred and racism central to labeling people illegal, something these groups made popular, but it reveals something we have known for years: Immigration and population restrictionists like CAP, Numbers USA and FAIR, are rooted in eugenics philosophy.”

“The bigger question is why have media outlets and journalists allowed for these hateful, dangerous messages to be spread via interviews and ad sales? These are hate groups,” Novoa went on to say.