Actress Puja Mohindra wants Ashton Kutcher to know his Popchips ad that mocked Indians was a total fail… and she’s doing it with kindness.

“Ashton, I know a lot of people are mad at you right now–about a billion–but I believe in you Ashton so I just wanted to share a few tips on how to make fun of Indian people,” Mohindra says in the video titled “To Ashton Kutcher, Love Kimmy Patel.”

Her first tip for Kutcher? You have to be Indian to make fun of Indians.

“I made this video because I believe you can respond to ignorance with love and humor. It was made with the spirit that comedy can educate, create change, initiate a dialogue, and encourage understanding & empathy between people,” Mohindra told

“The Popchips ad was a definite fail, but it’s less important to spend time hating on the company or Ashton Kutcher and more important to learn from the mistake. The whole incident has created a conversation about race, and that’s where the opportunity for change lives,” Mohindra went on to say.