Victor Corral

Bailout Plan Hits the Poor

Banks are using TARP funds to make predatory loans.

Cash is the New Black

Do you remember that time last October when we were all bombarded with images of downward-pointing line graphs and the sounds of Jim Cramer yelling “Crash! Crash! Crash!” as the engines of capitalism came to a halt? Like many of you, I wanted to understand why we were losing billions every day.

-2 trillion – 1 trillion = No Santa Claus This Year

This week, it was reported that in the past 15 months, the current financial crisis caused Americans to lose $2 trillion in their retirement plans. While there is a definite need to worry, we have to remember that markets recover and that over time (a long time) retirement accounts will do the same.

Immigration Re(In)form

imminform.jpg I love pictures. Okay, maybe that sounds too childish. How about, I love “infographics,” especially ones that explain complex issues and processes with simple, and even humorous illustrations. This latest one comes courtesy of the October issue of Reason Magazine(click here for full res).

Cash Rules Everything Around Me…

Looks like I’ll have to cancel my subscription to Robb Report. The 2007 Census numbers for income and poverty dropped this week, and let me tell you, the numbers don’t look so hot. And according to some experts, they’re going to look worse next year. “With inflation much higher in 2008, it’s going to be downhill from here, “ said Murtaza Baxamusa of the Center on Policy Initiatives in San Diego.

Picture This.

perception of each other.jpg queue when waiting.jpg So, a friend of mine got me hip to these illustrations that were done

McCain “Plays the Race Card” by Accusing Obama of “Playing the Race Card”

I’m confused. Are we in an election, or in a scene from a 1970s made-for-TV movie in which a Black guy, a bitter old sailor, and Kenny Rogers are playing a high-stakes game of poker, but instead of betting with money, they’re betting with our collective futures? I’m afraid it might be the latter. Earlier this week, McCain played the “celebutard card” when he compared Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in an attack ad.

Sex Without a Condom the New Engagement Ring?

pen_200.jpg The comment thread on NPR is blowin’ up! Listeners are ranting (and raving) about the new “What’s the New What” segment on NPR in which Pendarvis Harshaw, an Oakland teen at Youth Radio, discusses how for his generation, sex without a condom is a sign of being in a committed relationship.

Poll Finds a Racial Divide on Perceived Racial Divide

whiteblackpic.jpg The folks over at Gallup continue to publish groundbreaking results when it comes to race relations among Americans.

Hey UC President, Can We Get a Little of That?

ucirvinemed.jpgAllen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times Just down the street from our Oakland office, University of California service employees who earn as little as $10 hour are protesting for living wages in front of the office of the new UC President, a man who pulls in $942,642 a year in total compensation. After 10 months of working without a contract, and despite a court order barring them from striking, workers began their 5-day strike on Monday.

Racial Profiling: Now as American as Apple Pie

victor_blog.jpg“We don’t know what we don’t know. And the object is to cut down on that.” – anonymous FBI Official In case you’re having a hard time mustering up some patriotism this 4th of July, you know, because of the war, or the fact that you can’t afford to buy anything, well, the boys at the Justice Department have just made it even harder.

Supreme Court and Aaliyah Agree: "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number"

old people on computers.jpg Old people are cool. They use weird words like “moving pictures,” “haberdashery,” and “whippersnapper.” Well, today, these lovable codgers can add another word to their repertoire, “victory.” In a 7-1 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that in workplace age discrimination cases, the burden of proof rests on the employers and not the employees.

Immigration Prosecutions Hit Record Numbers

Today, Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) released a new report that showed that federal immigration prosecutions reached an all time high this past March. 9,350 defendants were prosecuted in March of 2008, two and a half times more than in January, and 73% higher than the previous year. Those that were convicted served an average of one month in jail.

Welcome, Homeland Security High Class of 2014!

hslogo.jpg That’s the sign that a group of freshmen will see when they walk through the doors of the Delaware Academy for Public Safety and Security in Wilmington, Delaware on a fall day in 2010. As the brainchild of several lawmakers and a 72 year-old Jarhead, hand-to-hand combat expert, and Judo coach extraordinaire, the school will train young men and women (mostly from the “inner city”), for a wide variety of first responder Homeland Security jobs.


So I’m back in Oakland from the Dream Reborn Conference in Memphis, and it’s taken me these past few days to process everything I’ve experienced. People of every color, race, and age filled the rooms of the convention center, bursting with ideas and enthusiasm, eager to meet and ask each other, “how can I help?” At one point it seemed that the convention center wasn’t big enough to contain the momentum of this new movement and chaos was sure to ensue. But alas, order was found.

News Flash: U.S. Government Lies About Stuff

A week ago, the NY Times published a story that revealed just how serious the nation's dropout crisis really is. The article reports that although states have historically obscured their graduation rates for fear of "embarrassment," the gap between the real numbers and what's reported has widened significantly since the adoption of No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

For Lunch: 'Downer' Beef Stroganoff

Once again, industrial agriculture has shown its ugly face, this time, putting millions of kids at risk. Prompted by a disturbing video showing the abuse of "downer" cows (cows that cannot walk due to disease or injury) at Westland/Hallmark Meat Co. in Chino, Ca, the USDA issued a recall of 143 million lbs. of beef, the largest in history. According to the USDA, 37 million pounds of the company's beef was shipped out to feed more than 30 million kids that participate in the National School Lunch Program.

You’re Not What You Spend

With a recession on everyone’s mind, there’s been talk of enacting certain “protectionist measures” to soften its blow on the economy. Responding to this scuttlebutt, W. Michael Cox and Richard Alm, two Federal Reserve economists, wrote an op-ed in the NY Times to highlight the “perversity” of these suggestions and to defend almighty globalization.

New Rules Will Reduce Prison Population

On November 1, new guidelines for crack cocaine offenders went into effect that lowered the average sentence from 10 years and 1 month to 8 years and 10 months. This is the first change in 21 years to drug possession sentencing guidelines, and a long overdue step forward in the fight for racial equality in sentencing.

Rant and Rave: Racism Linked to Infant Mortality; O'Reilly finds Black People Order Tea Just Like Whites!

Rant: Racism Linked to Infant Mortality In a recent report, the CDC found that Black infants have a higher mortality rate than whites and Latinos, 13.5 compared to 5.7 deaths per 1,000 births.