Tracy Kronzak

Tracy Kronzak Tracy, Technology Manager at the Applied Research Center, graduated from Cornell University and New York University with a Masters of Public Administration. She specializes in technology and the nonprofit sector, with a particular emphasis on systems administration, and manages ARC's technology needs and growth.

She has been an activist, volunteer and leader in the Queer communities since 1992, and prior to joining ARC worked with donors at the Tides Foundation doing grantmaking for the LGBT communities, racial justice and economic justice. Tracy has studied pottery and ceramic arts at City College of San Francisco and is presently working at the ceramics studio at Laney College in Oakland.

Emo Vampire Movies Aren't for Whites Only [VIDEO]

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the movies, the Twilight series has been re-imagined for the rest of us. Why settle for the usual lily-white teen vampire movie when you can have so much more.

Ted Olson, Keep Your Hands Off My Body

t_olson.jpgThis week’s Newsweek article “The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage” is exactly what’s worried me since the mono-minded drive for same-sex marriage began. Yes, gay marriage has finally been co-opted as a “family value” in the worse connotation of the term. The article is written by ultra-conservative Ted Olson, the infamous Bush v.

Citizens-Only Santa Coming to A Charity Near You

citizens only christmas.jpgChristmas is the time of year when most people who celebrate this holiday are asked to look into their hearts and do something more to give to family, friends, and the community. Unless, of course, these people aren’t U. S. citizens.

Why Is There A War Criminal at My Database Conference?

colin-powell_091909.jpgBeing in charge of a great many things related to technology at the Applied Research Center, I wind up in some fairly geeky places… including, database conferences like Dreamforce 2009.

The TV Show "V": What's The Use of Futuristic Sci-Fi That Only Reinforces Tired Stereotypes?

anna_abc_V_tvshow.jpgFor starters, I’d like everyone in the room who thinks that ABC’s remake of the early-1980s miniseries, V, is a critique of the Obama Administration to please stand up. Thank you. Now, please walk toward the nearest exit and leave.

Five Steps to Win Same-Sex Marriage

I’ve been critical of the failures of the same-sex marriage movement before (see “I Don’t Want Marriage, I Want Equity”) and the single-minded isolationism that it has driven into the contemporary LGBT movement toward (see “Yes Marriage, No Justice”). Now I’m just angry and sad, even though it appears as if Washington is going to expand its domestic partnership law.

Die Quickly, You Tired, Poor, and Huddled Masses

Congressman Alan Grayson rocked my little world this week. When I talked about fighting fire with fire last week, this is exactly what I meant. The Republicans want you to die quickly. Insurance companies want you to die quickly. Health care reform without a public option wants you to die quickly.

Hey President Obama, I Want What I've Earned

Everyone has lost something this year — a job, income, medical coverage, a raise, a house — and by invoking the specter of the Soviet-style socialism every time the Left talks about healthcare, immigration, education, or the environment, the Right raises a primal fear that what little I have left will be taken away from me and given to people who haven’t “earned” it.

Losing the Healthcare War of Words

A week out from President Obama’s healthcare speech and I’m still angry. This feels eerily like the first year of the Clinton Presidency, when we were so sick of Reagan and Bush that we willingly embraced dubious change at best. President Obama campaigned on change, and indeed, there are some positive aspects to the Obama Plan for healthcare.

The Real Lie: We're All Illegal

p7.jpg I enjoyed President Obama’s speech last night, and I want to especially thank Representative Joe Wilson for eliminating any possibility of a cogent Republican response. But I’m not satisfied with the new health care plan by any means, and find it especially troubling that the sound of every undocumented person in the United States being thrown under the bus was “YOU LIE.” As if this were a Good Thing.

Will Kennedy's Death Be Heathcare Reform's Life? [VIDEO]

Senator Ted Kennedy, the “Lion of the Senate” who chose to devote his life to public service instead of running for President after 1980, has had the selflessness to die at what appears to be a most convenient moment for the healthcare reform movement. I’m not trying to be a cynic here. I’ll miss Senator Kennedy’s voice in the Senate almost as much as I miss Senator Wellstone’s.

Drop Your Gun and Pick Up a Camera for Oscar Grant

Guns are so 20th Century. I don’t feel safer thinking about carrying one. Nor do I feel safer in a society where everyone is encouraged to carry one to, you know, prevent crime. Why am I saying this? I’ve been following the Oscar Grant trial in the papers over the past week, and today’s article made me see red. The story so far: police accounts of Oscar’s shooting and death are wildly divergent from the recorded video evidence.

I Don’t Want Marriage, I Want Equity

3567025089_598a66c9ee.jpgThe scene right now in San credit: Steve Rhodes There is nothing equitable about marriage, same-sex or otherwise. Equal, for sure, but equitable – no way. Sure I’m disappointed about today’s ruling from the CA Supreme Court.

My Neighborhood Under Seige

The neighborhood where I live in North Oakland is a slowly-gentrifying historically Black and working class enclave – a former home to the Black Panthers headquarters, and current home to a large, predominantly Black senior center. It also has the unfortunate distinction of presently being caught in the middle of an escalating turf war between gangs in Oakland and Berkeley. So a lot of violence has been moving through lately, culminating in a horrific traffic accident on my doorstep this past Saturday.

If I Don’t Stand to Overturn 8, I Don’t Stand for Justice

Prop8Proposition 8 and the fight for same-sex marriage in California are no longer about the LGBT community. This fight is now a greater litmus test for the rights of all non-majority peoples – and the irony of this is not lost on me in California, a budding “majority minority” state.

Oscar Grant Rethought

garykingjr.jpg Gary King Jr. memorial at 54th and Martin Luther King Jr. in Oakland Oscar Grant was executed for being a Black man in Oakland. This isn’t some sort of paranoid fear of the police or over-hyped conspiracy theory. This is the truth as I see it, and I suspect as a great many of Oakland residents see it as well. In the fall of 2007, a young man named Gary King, Jr.

In Obama We Trust

For me, today has been like Christmas, the Fourth of July and my birthday all rolled in to one. I spent most of the morning at the Oakland Coliseum tearfully watching Barack Obama take the oath of office and become our 44th President. I suspect, like a great deal of people today, I’ve been caught up in Obama-mania. It’s not just the history of the moment, it’s getting rid of the worst contemporary President the United States has ever endured. For real.

Prop 8:The Vote for Discrimination in California

gay_marriage.jpg The United States and the world welcomed an historic moment on Tuesday with the election of Barack Obama. Yet in an election that demonstrated the clear progress people of color in the United States have made, three states, California, Arizona, and Florida all voted to amend their State Constitutions to prohibit same-sex couples from legally marrying.

The Party Not Everyone Is Invited To

votedisenfranchisement.jpg Most of today’s elections coverage has been focused on the inadequacies of the polling system to handle the actual number of eligible voters who turned out and the various glitches and flaws in mechanical and electronic voting systems. It’s likely that many voters across the spectrum today, especially in battleground states, got their first taste of what happens when a system supposed to empower you fails to do its job.

Fight Like Hell Until We Can't Fight Anymore

At the time of writing, I’m reviewing the myriad of final polling data that indicates we’re headed toward an Obama presidency. While I don’t agree with all of Barack Obama’s stated positions, I do believe that he is someone who can help usher in the kind of systemic change necessary to position the progressive Left to make real accomplishments for equity.