Rod McCullom

Eddie Long and the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Pall Over the Black Church

by Rod McCullom on Jun 24, 2011 10:20AM

Many in the black LGBT community hoped Long's sexual-abuse controversy would prompt a much-needed real conversation about sexuality in the church. It didn't.

Topics: Gender & Sexuality, LGBT Pride 2011

AIDS Researchers Eye Flurry of Promising Vaccine Developments

by Rod McCullom on May 26, 2011 9:42AM

Recent weeks have witnessed a series of striking advancements in developing a vaccine for the 30-year-old epidemic that's ravaging black neighborhoods.

Topics: HIV/AIDS, Health

Equal Access to HIV Treatment Could Finally Slow the Black Epidemic

by Rod McCullom on May 19, 2011 10:27AM

A new study finally proves "treatment as prevention" remarkably slows HIV's spread. But huge numbers of black people living with HIV don't know they are positive and aren't in treatment.

Topics: HIV/AIDS, Health

Haiti's Remarkable HIV Turnaround May Be Undone by Earthquake

by Rod McCullom on Jan 12, 2011 3:17PM

Global health watchers worry the island's epidemic is exploding anew as the recovery drags on.

Topics: Haiti, Health, Global Affairs