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Black Women More Likely to Die in Childbirth than Whites or Latinas

by Malena Amusa on Aug 12, 2008 2:20PM

blackbirth.jpg By mamusa, Women's eNews A probing 90-question review promises to un


Recap: "The Visitor".... go see this!

by Malena Amusa on Apr 16, 2008 12:36PM

Originally published on Malena's blog, Africa. Dance. Drum.


A Special Announcement from the President?

by Malena Amusa on Feb 14, 2008 9:37AM

Originally appeared here, mamusa writes as if she were the President of the United States.


Columbia President Passes Buck on Noose Incident

by Malena Amusa on Oct 12, 2007 11:25AM

The president of Columbia University Lee C.


A post-Duke Lacrosse justice coma

by Malena Amusa on Sep 19, 2007 6:28AM

A friend warned me this news would be more disturbing than Jena 6-- the sad tale of six Black boys unethically charged in L


French President Sarkozy swims in racism's deep end

by Malena Amusa on Sep 13, 2007 9:01PM

First posted at ADDlife! So I've never been shot before.


Katrina Klap: Rapper Responds to Recovery Efforts

by Malena Amusa on Aug 29, 2007 12:28PM

You know it's a sad day when our nation's leaders only return to Katrina-ravaged New Orleans around the anniversary of the Hurricane.


Gonzales Gives Notice, Retains Privilege

by Malena Amusa on Aug 27, 2007 10:25AM

gonzales.jpg So what does Alberto Gonzales's race have to do with his


UPDATE: The look and language of UNICEF's Africa's campaign

by Malena Amusa on Aug 16, 2007 9:25AM

Below is the official response from UNICEF about the ads run in Germany:


Deportee was a U.S. citizen

by Malena Amusa on Aug 9, 2007 8:33AM

Just yesterday I had the scary thought that one of my close friends who has a Muslim name could be deported.