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Black Women More Likely to Die in Childbirth than Whites or Latinas

blackbirth.jpg By mamusa, Women’s eNews A probing 90-question review promises to unravel the stubborn knot of questions about why as many as 139 women died from pregnancy-related complications in New York state between 2003 and 2005 and why New York City continues to be a leader in maternal mortality.

Recap: "The Visitor".... go see this!

Originally published on Malena’s blog, Africa. Dance. Drum. Life! visitor.jpg Imagine the tense lives of two illegal immigrants—a Senegalese woman and a Syrian man– in love and hawking their inspiring wares–dazzling earrings and drum beats– for a chance at freedom in New York.

A Special Announcement from the President?

Originally appeared here, mamusa writes as if she were the President of the United States. Morning ladies and gentlemen. I’m sorry to carry such bad news today. But one particular group of American voters has reached an alarming crisis situation. Though we saw it coming, we never prepared for this.

Columbia President Passes Buck on Noose Incident

The president of Columbia University Lee C. Bollinger is trying to distance Columbia from its graduate Teacher’s College where the recent noose hanging outside a Black professor’s office took place. In a letter to campus, he wrote:

A post-Duke Lacrosse justice coma

A friend warned me this news would be more disturbing than Jena 6– the sad tale of six Black boys unethically charged in Louisiana after beating up a white student behind a noose-hanging. This story is about the group of six white men and women in West Virginia who held a 20-year-old Black woman captive, and for a week, subjected her to gang rape, stabbings, torture and psychological abuse.

French President Sarkozy swims in racism's deep end

First posted at ADDlife! So I’ve never been shot before. But hearing the words of French President Nicolas Sarkozy about Africa sure seemed close to it. His recent speech to students at a Dakar, Senegal University hit me like a bullet… Swiftly and burning.

Katrina Klap: Rapper Responds to Recovery Efforts

You know it’s a sad day when our nation’s leaders only return to Katrina-ravaged New Orleans around the anniversary of the Hurricane. Sadly today, which marks two years in memoriam, Katrina still rings as a broken-record among politicians. Even Sen. Obama’s Katrina recovery plan announced this week is contingent on Obama winning office.

Gonzales Gives Notice, Retains Privilege

gonzales.jpg So what does Alberto Gonzales’s race have to do with his resignation as Attorney General? Well, if we look at his record, it’s clear Gonzales showed key symptoms of a person of color drunk from his sip of white power. Which is why he was so effective as Bush’s hit man.

UPDATE: The look and language of UNICEF's Africa's campaign

Below is the official response from UNICEF about the ads run in Germany:

Deportee was a U.S. citizen

Just yesterday I had the scary thought that one of my close friends who has a Muslim name could be deported. This was because I Googled him and another man with his name was on record for committing some money fraud. Letter for letter, I was looking at my friend’s name. And the creepy thought came to me: what if my friend, an African immigrant, is treated like a criminal because he shares a name with one. So I called my friend and talked about this and we joked about it for a while.

The name game people of color can't lose...

Molefi Asante on names. **** My dad can tell the year a Black person was born based off her name, at least according to the day he walked up to this security guard in our hometown of St. Louis, Mo. Their conversation went like this: “Hi you doing sista?” “I’m fine,” she said. “What’s you name?” “My name is Africa.” “Ahh, Africa! ,” he said with his signature enthusiasm. “That’s nice. I bet I know what year you were born.” “Really?” “1972?” “Wow.

Intel's racist ad, apology

Tip to Afro-Netizen who reported this one: intelblackrunners.jpg

Beware folks, Obama-Clinton "dispute"

dnA over at Too Sense put up a post about the Obama-Clinton debates blown up by media, and how Jon Stewart reveals there’s more folly than fury. Check this out:

Bush supports Black marriage, but nothing else

The Enquirer ran an upbeat article about federal programs under the Bush administration aimed at helping Black couples stay married. Black marriage in turn is supposed to solve social ills that plague Black communities. The story reported:

Banning the b-word...

This first appeared at Feministing. Miriam wrote:

"White Light, Black Rain" brings US terror, survivors into focus

The movie ‘White Light, Black Rain” about the U.S. atomic bombing of Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, will air tonight, Aug. 6 , the anniversary of the genocide, on HBO. HBO reported:

The Economist takes on Black/Brown conflicts

When I see big-name publications take on race relations, especially those between two or more groups of color, I am usually overjoyed. But I don’t know how I feel about the Economist taking on tensions between Blacks and Latinos in its recent issue. Here, the magazine looks at both Durham and Los Angeles where Latinos are only gaining in numbers, but where political power is still for the most part in the hands of Blacks, which is causing tension.

"Black man's burden," a story retold

When talking about race, some activists say we should stay away from personal accounts. Because this makes racism seem individual, random and fickle when in fact it is orchestrated by groups who implement codes of law. But I never felt we could afford to lose our focus on one without compromising the other especially because individual acts of discrimination are a direct result of our policies that sanction the unfair treatment of people of color.

Video game shocker

I ran into this over at Racialicious, who cross-posted from Microscopiq. Check out “Blackface Goes HD? The Case of Resident Evil 5”: resident eveil 5.jpgKilling innocent civilian, zombies of course

Accepting Obama's war on terror stance ain't easy

This week, Obama said he’d attack al Qaeda groups in Pakistan if president, and if it came to that. Some presidential candidates would agree. So this news shouldn’t startle me. But it does, and I’m sure it’s because of Obama’s color. I still can’t come to terms with Obama’s Blackness that I’d hoped would mean his undue progressiveness, and his need to fulfill a certain imperialism seemingly inherent in taking the job after Bush.