Jeff Chang

Jeff has written extensively on culture, politics, the arts, and music. He was a USA Ford Fellow in Literature and a winner of the North Star News Prize. He was named by The Utne Reader as one of “50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World”. His first book, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, garnered many honors, including the American Book Award and the Asian American Literary Award. He is the editor of Total Chaos: The Art and Aesthetics of Hip-Hop. He is currently writing two new books, Who We Be: The Colorization of America (St. Martin’s Press), and Youth (Picador Big Ideas/Small Books series). Jeff was a founding editor of ColorLines magazine, and a Senior Editor/Director at Russell Simmons’ He has written for the The Nation, the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, Vibe, Foreign Policy, and Mother Jones, among many others. In 1993, he co-founded and ran the influential hip-hop indie label, SoleSides, now Quannum

Coca-Cola's Long Culture War

The company’s Super Bowl ad stirred the ire of English-only trolls. But radical, it ain’t.

Retreat into Whiteness

Rich Benjamin’s new book leaves us wondering what could happen politically if the emerging majority-minority were joined by the white working class.

What Do We Do When We Win?

Reflections on the election victory.

Hip Hop VP: Q & A With Rosa Clemente

Originally published on Zentronix rosaclemente.jpg Hip Hop VP: A Q+A With Rosa Clemente As cell phone users await Barack Obama’s text message informing them who his Vice President choice is, we present a Q+A with Green Party VP nominee Rosa Clemente.

National Hip-Hop Political Convention Opens In 2 Weeks

NHHPC.jpgReposted from Since the first National Hip-Hop Political Convention was held in Newark New Jersey in the summer of 2004, young voters have come to the polls in big turnouts, driven by a landmark surge of young voters of color.

What Do Whites Want? Why The Papers Are Getting The Race Polls Wrong

Reposted from Zentronix So many race polls, so little insight.

Idle Hands: Why The Candidates Must Focus On Young Americans

Originally published on Zentronix This summer could be the worst ever for teens looking for work, according to experts. Less than one in three youths may find summer jobs. In recent years, the youth jobless rate has soared to record highs. In cities like Chicago, three in four teens, including seven in eight Black teens, did not work in 2006.

Obama, The New Majority, And The Race (Card) Ahead

Originally published on Zentronix Last night Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination with grace and poise, a history-making achievement that neither John McCain or Hillary Clinton could bring themselves to recognize.

White Voters, Obama, and The 15% Nation

Originally published on cantstopwontstop Riffing on this great post from Ferentz… This past Monday before the Penn primary, Roger Simon @ cited a convo with an unnamed Republican leader who put a number on the effect that racism would have on Barack Obama’s candidacy: 15% of white voters would not vote for him because he’s Black.

Locas Rule

Los Bros Hernandez’ Love and Rockets is back, and the timing has never been better.

On the Wrong Side: Chinese Americans Win Anti-Diversity Settlement - and Lose in the End

Chinese Americans Win Anti-Diversity Settlement– and Lose in the End
by Jeff Chang

By all accounts, San Francisco’s Lowell High School is one of the nation’s top public high schools. To many, especially Asian Americans, attending the highly competitive magnet school is a symbol of achievement and a source of pride. “I thought my daughter could get a quality education and be challenged,” says Jean Ishibashi, the parent of a Japanese-Chicana Lowell student.

Up Identity Creek

Author Frank Chin says Chinese Americans don’t have identity problems. Twentysomething Eric Liu proves him wrong. Jeff Chang steps into the generation gap.