Cindy Yurth

Andrew Gillum and the Young Elected Officials Network

Please don’t tell Andrew Gillum you have socks older than him. He’s heard that a few too many times. “The first time, it’s funny,” said Gillum, who is 27. “The tenth time, it’s not so funny. By the twentieth time, it’s just insulting.”

Womyn Image Makers

Thanks to the evolution of digital technology, making movies and distributing them is easier than ever, and more people of color are working their way onto the big screen. But persuading a production company to invest in an independent film is a different story.

“That’s still an old boys’ club—an old white boys’
club,” said Maritza Alvarez, a queer Xicana writer
and cinematographer.

Green Worker Cooperatives

Making business healthy and profitable in the South Bronx