Cindy Von Quednow

Miss Hampton U Proves Beauty Is Racialized

misshampton-110309.jpgLast month, a mixed-race college student won the beauty pageant at a traditionally Black university in Virginia. But it wasn’t exactly the student’s choice. Hampton University’s student body didn’t get to vote for their tall, fair-skinned queen.

On Diwali, Obama Can Bring Real Change to AAPI Community [VIDEO]

by Cindy Von Quednow, intern for Scripps Howard Foundation Wire. Days after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama lit a diya at the White House in celebration of Diwali, a light festival practiced by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Indian Buddhists. The diya was lit after the president signed an executive order restoring a commission that will actually talk about issues that affect the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

Allison and Ashley

Mom and daughter struggle to stay in college during economic uncertainty.

College Dreams Deferred

In the recession, undocumented students face more barriers to higher education.

Protest, Tweet, Raid Savings

What students of color are doing to stay in college during the recession

BREAKING: Imprisoned American Journalists Freed after Clinton Visit

northkorea-clinton.jpg Laura Ling and Euna Lee have been pardoned! That’s right the two Current TV reporters who were captured in North Korea in March and sentenced to 12 years of hard labor were officially released and pardoned this afternoon after a meeting between former President Bill Clinton and North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Honduras Fight for Justice

Hondurasprotest.jpg In a throwback to the political upheaval and unrest of the 1980s, the democratically elected president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, was ousted by the military and flown to Costa Rica on Sunday.

New America Media: Time for Immigration Reform is Now

immigration.jpg New America Media, a national association of ethnic media, wrote an editorial calling for comprehensive immigration reform throughout the United States. NAM seeks to bring attention to the urgency and importance of fair immigration law by reaching ethnic outlets and their readers across the country.

Minutemen Do More Than "Secure" Borders, Also Kill Arizona Dad and Daughter

flores.jpgEarlier this month, nine-year-old Brisenia Flores and her young father Raul were shot and killed during the night in their home in the border town of Arivaca, Arizona. Three suspects allegedly forced themselves into the family’s home dressed as law enforcement officials, shot the two victims and wounded a third.

Misspellings and Strategies: Inside Buchanan's Radical Right-Wing Agenda

Conferenece.jpg By now, you’ve probably already seen this hilarious and ironic picture in other blog sites, but let me reiterate. Here you see conservative commentator Pat Buchanan and accused white supremacist Peter Brimelow at a conference discussing how to win back white Democrats.

Students Denied Diplomas For Protesting

school12.jpgphoto credit: David Rapkin In protest to the Los Angeles Unified School District layoffs and cuts, fifteen students at Liechty Middle School in Los Angeles turned their backs during their graduation ceremony. For this they were not allowed to obtain their diplomas.

Uighur Release Debunks Racist Right-Wing Narrative

28647747.JPG Photo: Justin Maxon/The New York Times Last Sunday, The New York Times printed a pleasant piece on the new lives of four recently released Uighur prisoners in Bermuda, debunked the conservative rhetoric around them as “dangerous terrorists.” The Uighurs’ history is a harsh one: after fleeing persecution by their own government and countrymen, these Chinese Muslims were bombed out of

Newspaper Jobs Aren’t Dead

Former mainstream journalists find work and more in the ethnic press.

The State of Ethnic Media

As the recession persists and mainstream newspapers close, ethnic media outlets face a different reality.